Hoe and Worthing Archive: 1- 4 Hoe


1 & 2 aerial

Numbers 1 and 2, Hoe. Hoe Hall farm cottages were numbered from 1 to 15.
Maurice Brown, who was born at No. 13, recalls that at No.1 Mrs Riches kept a shop selling sweets, cigarettes and razor blades. They had a pet monkey living in a shed. 'If you gave it your hanky it dropped it in the gutter, wrung it out and gave it back.' The shop was taken over by Mrs Annis. Village children went to Mr 'Slasher' Annis for a haircut.

Number one    Nos.1 and 2 are different from the
    other cottages belonging to Hoe Hall.

    They were built in 1872 in a decorative
    style, without the use of local flint. They
    bear the date divided between the two
    front gables with the monogram of
    Thomas Byam Grounds in the centre.
    The materials and decoration match
    that of the gateway to the churchyard

    Repair work to the chimneys in 2014.

chimney pot stamp

The square yellow clay chimney pots were made by Lumby's of St Martins Works, Stamford, Lincolnshire, in 1869.

storm damage

After the hurricane in 1987 Bob and Sue Whittle from No. 2 had a big shock. Fallen trees had squashed their car.

storm damaged car

storm damage

Looking past the church towards Swanton Morley. One of the big conker trees has split in half. Cliff Hudson took these photographs.

3 & 4 Hoe

snow scene    Numbers 3 and 4 Hoe.

Wright family

William and Nellie Wright (née Sparkes) with their son Ron, in the field behind 3 & 4, c. 1931. Nellie's parents were Richard and Susanna Sparkes who lived at 4, and later at 9. (see 8 & 9 Hoe for more about the Sparkes family).

bear wedding    The wedding of Mrs Joan Clarke, daughter of Mr and
    Mrs F. Bear of 3 Hoe, 1954.

holmes & studd

John Holmes and 'Harbo' Studd in the garden of 3 Hoe. It must be the 1960s – the lads are in the height of fashion.

Cliff Hudson

Cliff Hudson with Francesca and Danielle.

Heather Hudson

Heather Hudson with the girls at Manor Farm.

Robert Kendall    In 1891 Robert Kendall was the
    second oldest in a family of six children
    living at 3 or 4, Hoe. They were all born
    in the village. Their father was an
    agricultural labourer. By the time of the
    next census in 1901 the family had
    moved from Hoe to Quebec Farm
    cottages and Robert was a carter at
    the brickyard.

    By 1911 he was a clerk with the 2nd
    Battalion Norfolk Regiment, stationed
    at Belguam, India.

    He served in The Norfolks for
    seventeen years, in India, South Africa,
    Italy and France. He died in April 1918
    of wounds received in France and is
    buried in Greetham, Rutland where his 
    wife, Charlotte, lived.

    He is commemorated on the cenotaph
    in Dereham and on the Roll of Honour
    in the Memorial Hall, Dereham.

Eileen Frary

Wedding of Miss Eileen Frary, of 4 Hoe, in Dereham Parish Church, 1967.

Margaret Frary

Wedding of Miss Margaret Frary of 4 Hoe at St Andrews, Hoe, 1969.


Pat, Geoff and Tony Jarrett of No. 4 coping with the flooding in 1983.

hoe river    Water run-off from farmland towards
    Northall Green turned Hall Road into 
    'Hoe river'.